60th Celebrations

Hello All  :-) 

We hope you will be able to join us as we invite you to:-

A Celebration of Life, of Taiji and Qigong 

Shen Points narrowed

Open To All Students and their colleagues, friends and families

on Saturday 24th November  

 Ashton Park School

Blackmoors Lane, Bower Ashton, Bristol  BS3 2JL 

We will enjoy a range of teaching subjects suitable for all at the WORKSHOP from 10am - 5 pm 

followed by a nice Chinese Dinner in the evening 

at .......    Venue TBC


Shropshire T37 Group

A relaxed day of Tai Chi and Qigong followed by communal eating                                 

Open to and suitable for all: 

Also bring swords, staffs and any other Taiji toys you fancy

Shropshire 95?

Exercises may include a gourmet selection from:-

Taiji 37      Taijiwuxigong     E-Mei Qigong

Spontaneous Movement    Sound Vibration

Partner Work    Qi Pa Kua       Meditation     Healing

Fee: Full Day £40  Half Day £20

Dinner: Probably around £25 tbc

Advance Bookings Please

Shen, Mike, Chris & Me

All Taiji and Taijiwuxigong Players and their Guests are Welcome!

Enquiries and Bookings click here