Taiji 37 in Bristol

Experience, Develop and use Taiji Forces: 

radically improve the understanding & practice of all Taiji styles 

and All of the  4 Levels of Taijiquan:

Physical, Energetic, 

Mental & Spiritual

Autumn 2014 Weekends @ Ashton Park School   

The two weekends previously scheduled by the Shen Hongxun College UK 

for the Taiji 37 Form Course with Shen Jin

in September and November have been postponed. 

The Course is now scheduled to start in Febuary 2015 

and we hope to be able to publish confirmed dates very soon.

The following weekends will be taught by Paul Brewer

27 - 28 September       Inside TaijiQuan

1 - 2 November              Interactive TaijiQuan 

Saturdays    10am - 5pm  Sundays     10am - 4.30pm

Taiji 37,  Internal Forces, Spontaneous Movement, Applications,  Chi Pa Kua, Push Hands  

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